I’m deeply happy and humbled to share a few edits I cut up during my stay in New Zealand. I respect the originals a lot and wanted to rewire these tracks in a peaceful way.



“It’s more than just good, a brilliant track.” – Matthias Vogt [re:jazz]
“Really like the mood. Well done.” – Arnaldo [Smallville, Greta Cottage Workshop]

Welcome James Martin, a barista throughout the day, and DJ/producer at night. A New Zealander living in Melbourne, with his ears tuned into cosmopolitan time zone of what’s happening in Berlin and elsewhere, James likes it slow and dreamy. He says “the art and science of twisting out espresso and dropping bass lines are not too dissimilar. It comes down to taste.”

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new sway


Slow cooking. Inspired by Tosca and ECM jazz, I saw an imaginary motion picture before my inner eye when writing this piece. I don’t think it’s close to a master piece or anything, no way. For me it’s more about creative practice. Each track an entry in my process journal.

I love road trips, I shot this vid on a roadie along PCH 1 from San Francisco to LA on a crisp day. Can’t w8 for the next road trip, wherever it may take me.